Kyso Weekly: Issue #6

kyle profile picKyle O Shea

Another 3 really interesting publications for the week ending Friday, May 4th 2018!! Support your fellow bloggers by clicking on the links below and starring a study you like!!

1. A Journey to the Tip of Neural Networks

by @Don

This study aims to teach its readers the gist of neural networks, taking the basic flow of the machine learning course step-by-step. Don attempts to deliver the conecept of "what the neural networks do", without going into too much into the computational & implementation aspects. If this really interests you, you should check out the textbook "The Elements of Statistical Learning", second edition by Hastie et al.

2. Introduction to Time Series Data with Python

by @joangabriel

This is a first-time introduction to applying a time series analysis with the classical AirPassengers dataset. In this case study joangabriel analyzes the data from a time-series perspective, trying to find a model that produces an acceptable reproduction of the process of the data. The author also provides a link to an extensive tutorial here. Feel free to check it out if time-series analysis is not your strong suit!

3. E-Commerce Analysis

by @pdancel

Very interesting study for those of you who work on the analytics side of any business. An insightful linear regression analysis of e-commerce data, with the goal of answering some simple company questions - should the company focus more on developing its website or its application? What are some of the other channels the company should focus on in order to increase yearly revenue from customers?

That is all for now!! Have a great week!!