Kyso Weekly: Issue #5

kyle profile picKyle O Shea

This week we have four more fantastic publications for you guys that have been selected by the team here at Kyso. As always, competition was tough, but these four came out on top.

1. Naive Risk Parity

by @beaukramer

In this study, the author goes about implementing a simple naive risk parity strategy by proxying the 4 main asset classes used in risk parity strategies. Diversification carried out on this basis applies weights to different asset classes according to the inverse of their volatility. What will the finished portfolio asset allocation look like?! Check it out!!

2. Twitter Sentiment Analysis to Predict the Price of Bitcoin

by @waldohiding

This is a simple but interesting application for sentiment analysis, whereby any Twitter user can input there Twitter into the file, which then carries out a correlation analysis with the price movement of Bitcoin. The goal is to find users whose actions on Twitter can relatively predict its short-term price.

3. core Comparison between Students for Math and ELA

by @andrewjoelpeters

An analysis of grade scores of different classes of 5th and 6th graders in both Math and English-Language-Arts, visualising the data using seaborn boxplots. The author also looks at the difference in grade performance between these students and "holdovers" - those students who are repeating the year.

4. Exploratory Data Analysis of Curtin ANPR

by @ac

Curtin ANPR is a program for detecting vehicles entering and exiting a parking bay. A camera captures the entry and the exit of a vehicle from a designated parking spot. The entry time and exit time are recorded for the vechicle. The difference betweeen the entry time and the exit time gives us the time spent in a parking bay. In the study, the author carries out an in-depth analysis of all of this collected data.

That is all for now folks!! Stay tuned for our next post!!