Kyso Weekly: Issue #11

kyle profile picKyle O Shea

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1. NBA Draft Exploratory Analysis

by @bpunt

An exploratory analysis of the NBA leage with a single question the goal of this study: are the players who leave early (before their senior year) for the pros better in the NBA than those who stay all four years?

2. The Geography of San Francisco Crime

by @bro

A really interesting exploratory analysis of San Francisco crime, with some really cool visualisations of the various crimes reported. The data set includes both temporal and spatial data.

3. Mathematics Practical Assignment

by @jedhodson

This one is for all you math-to-python lovers out there. The author attempts to answer two different mathematical assignments in this post; calculating the volume of vases (includes visualisations) and determining the decelaration outcomes of cars travelling at various speeds by breaking.

3. Fast Looping Over Dataframes in Python

by @kernalcorn82

This brief but incredibly useful post shows us the fastest ways to loop over a pandas dataframe. This is for those of you that work with very large data sets in pandas.

That is all for now!! Have a great week!!