Kyso Weekly: Issue #12

kyle profile picKyle O Shea

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1. Tour Locations of Rock Artists vs. Hip-hop Artists

by @jagluck

This study shows the reader how to scrape top artists of specific genres from, use data from to map these artists' tour locations and plot these tour locations using folium to analyze the geographic distribution of genres both worldwide and within cities to see if certain areas are predominated by one genre.

2. Machine Learning para el Mantenimiento Predictivo

by @danny

Here the author uses a data set of engines simulated by NASA to evaluate the historical information of sensors to determine which type of Machine Learning is the most appropriate in terms of performing correct maintenance in terms of structure, frequency and optimizing costs and use of resources without jeopardizing the integrity of systems.

3. Analyze A/B Test Results

by @geronimo89

An walkthrough guide of the results of an A/B test run by an e-commerce website, the goal of which is to help the company understand if they should implement a new page, keep an old page, or perhaps run the experiment longer to make their decision.

4. Customer Segmentation

by @odartey

This notebook is a comprehensive summary of how to take a data set and fish out segments or clusters among customers of a wholesale distributor using various unsupervised learning techniques.

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